A Bug’s Life Platinum

A Bug’s Life Platinum


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s Flik, the goofy inventor ant, you rally new friends, collect seed tokens and stage berry attacks–all while trying to save an ant colony from total destruction by a gang of nasty grasshoppers. Remarkably similar to the film of the same name, A Bug’s Life Action Game takes you through an exciting 3-D adventure.

An especially fun talent of Flik’s is growing plants from the seed tokens he collects. When the plants return, they give him special skills like jumping, flying and invincibility. Sure to be a favourite is the cannon plant, which actually shoots Flik on to new heights. Creativity is essential in this arcade-style game: to be successful, you must think like an ant and use everything you find to help you keep moving.

Even though these ants always think with a group mentality, each insect pal of Flik’s has special talents they bring to the company. These circus bugs pretending to be great warriors prove to be indispensable in the ultimate battle against the grasshoppers. With outstanding Disney graphics and realistic 3-D visuals, this game has enough action to delight any arcade game lover


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